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Bone Density Test Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS) measurement of the heel (calcaneus) Validated to Assess Risk of Fracture
QUS works by passing a high frequency sound wave through the bone, the speed and attenuation of the transmitted sound is directly related to the properties of bone.

  • Machine sits on the floor, participant is seated and places their heel in the machine, removal of a shoe and sock is required.
  • Test is 100% painless and ultrasound is 100% safe.
  • The heel is used ¬†as it is weight bearing with similar composition to hip and spine.
  • Result immediately available
  • The International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) has confirmed QUS measurement of the heel (calcaneus) is validated for clinical use in assessing fracture risk (Krieg et al., 2008; Schousboe, Shepherd, Bilezikian, & Baim, 2013).

Target Demographics

You are never too young to assess risk and never too old to minimise further loss

Bone density needs to be checked regularly, just like any other health factor

Osteoporosis (thin fragile bones that break easily) is not curable but it is largely preventable

  • In Australia 34% of people over age 20 have low bone density
  • Men are at risk too: about 30% of all fragility fractures in people over 50 are in men
  • Lifetime risk of fracture for people over 50 is 27% to 29% in men and 42% to 56% in women.

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